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Our community Design System working group

The ONS Design System working group is a multidisciplinary group from across the organisation. It makes sure that all components and patterns in the design system are of a high quality and meet user needs.

If you have a proposal, follow the instructions to propose a new feature or propose a change. The group reviews all the proposals during its weekly meeting. It also considers any suggested changes or updates to design system documentation.

The working group will ask you to attend the meeting where it discusses your proposal. You need to come to the meeting ready to give a show and tell about your new feature or change. Bring with you anyone else involved in its development, such as your product manager.

The meeting is also where the group will discuss who will develop the proposal – it does not have to be the person who raised it.

Once the group has agreed to go ahead with your proposal, it will add it to the community backlog.

You can get involved with the group, or ask any questions, by emailing