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User testing

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How to contribute Propose a change

Follow these steps if you need to make a change to a feature in the design system.

1. Check if the change has already been proposed

Check the community backlog to see if someone has already proposed changes to this component, pattern or style.

If you decide to go ahead, you need to provide evidence that the change will:

  • improve the user experience
  • meet the user needs
  • fix a problem or bug
Your evidence could be from user research, usability and accessibility testing, or research into best practice. You may also have evidence from testing across different browsers and devices.

2. Comment on the GitHub discussion

You need to explain what change you want to make and why. Comment using the GitHub discussions link at the end of every pattern, component or style page, or find the relevant one on GitHub discussions 

3. Present your proposal

We will then invite you to demonstrate your change proposal at a Design System working group meeting, and present your evidence to support it. When you comment in the GitHub discussion, you need to let us know who else to invite to the meeting.

4. Get approval for the proposal

The group will discuss the change and your evidence. It will decide if the change is needed. The working group may suggest an alternative or reject the proposal if the evidence is not strong enough.

5. Add it to the backlog

If the group approves the change, it will add the proposal to the community backlog.

6. Decide who will develop it

You may not be in a position to work on the change yourself. If you want or need someone else to develop it, the working group meeting is the place to discuss this. The group can help find a suitable developer.

Get help with your proposal

If you need further help with your proposal, or have any questions, you can email the Design System working group at  .